Why Desentaş

Since its establishment, DESENTAŞ has been continuing its investments by following the technological innovations in the sector globally, by renewing the world brand machinery, equipment and technologies it has always used in its production. With its 20 years of experience, it aims to be the brand that is sought in the sector and to protect its values ​​with its efforts to offer its customers the best quality products and services, from the aggregate to the production technique, from quality control to shipment.  

We are proud to present over 350 product options, with different color and texture options, with over 70 molds, to our valued customers' tastes and solutions.  

Sandblasted Concrete Paving Stones, Concrete Blocks, Retaining Walls, Kerb / Garden / Refuge Curb Stones, Rain Gutter Stones, Urban furniture, granite and basalt counterpart new generation Terrazzo Floor Tiles, L steps, lath steps and Precast products to the construction and building industry. We serve with our registered brands DESENTAŞ, DESTERRAZO and DESENBLOK, from indoor to outdoor spaces, building and facade coatings, landscaping areas to retaining walls of any height.