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Terrazzo Tıle

Terrazzo Tile flooring is a new favorite of indoor and outdoor spaces with its rich color and texture chart consisting of Granite, Marble and Basalt stones, the content of which is completely natural.

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Retaning Walls

Concrete blocks used by engineers and architects are considered the most important in applications of flat and partition walls, buildings, shelters, indoor and outdoor spaces.

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Kerb Stones
Kerb Stones

Curb stones, which are an alternative for parks and gardens, are preferred with their elegant lines. It is in your liking with different color and texture options.

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Paving Stones

Sandblasted and multi-colored concrete paving stone models designed to capture naturalness in garden and landscape areas special to the 20th year are presented to our customers.

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Most Preferred Products

Most Preferred Products

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Why Desentaş

Why should you choose Desentaş ? and what based on you should choose a stone? We make a difference by using World brand machine, equipment and technologies that we use through production process. For more information..

What Is Terrazzo

The history of terrazzo tiles dates back to 16th century Italy. It is used in many innovative and recycling projects in the construction industry.
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The shipments are organized by our expert staff in a timely and scdeluded manner in a accordance with your indicated construction site schedule within the period of time to given to you.


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